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We are a school for Heat Treatment and Induction Heating, and we are the most flexible and cost-effective training solution available in the market.

Our tuition is a one-time $299, period–with no additional fee. And it includes bonus resources such as a knowledge base and an AI-helper. Details below.


  • 24/7, Mobile-Friendly
  • Electrical Resistance & Induction Heating
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Certification
  • AI-Helper
  • Best Practices & Tips
  • For Supervisors:
    Manage & Monitor Training Progress
  • Bake-Out, Preheat, Postheating, Postweld Heat Treatment, GCB, T/C, Hardness, Troubleshooting… and More


It is exactly what the industry needed

This is an expertly written, managed and documented instruction course for the heat treatment industry. It is exactly what the

Jeff Weinacker
Thermo International

24/7 access

The ERI training surpassed my expectations and has a great curriculum. Having 24/7 access allows me to double back for

Arcadio M.
Heat Up and Dry Out

Comprehensive for precision and quality

In our industry, precision and quality are non-negotiable. ERI’s training platform’s comprehensive curriculum and approach to heat treatment have allowed

Mateo Ramirez

Good program

This program was such a good way to jumpstart a career in the industry. Definitely recommend it to anyone joining

Brandon Gonzales

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Why Work with Us

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Can you spend less but get more?


Take a look at this:

When you work with us, it's a win-win all-around.

How Effective Training Benefits Your Company
(Source: ATD.)







To learn more, contact us with our contact form.

Our Features

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24-7 Access (and Mobile-Friendly)

Anytime, anywhere.

Learn, break, and resume at your own pace. 

Most importantly, review is easy. Everything is at your fingertips from your phone or computer.

Example: Find a Topic

Example: User-Friendly 

Managers Can Manage and Monitor the Team

Your heat treatment managers and supervisors can monitor training progress and view the gap analysis from our Group Leader Control Center.

Interested? Contact us to learn more.

Contact Us

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Our Address:
3420 Bristol St, Suite 600, Costa Mesa, California 92626, US

For questions & comments, contact us with this form 

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