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Why Work with ERI?

Saving Money

Many heat treatment projects suffer from excessive overtime, delay, process redo, or even damage repairs. All these are expensive and hurt the customer experience.

With the appropriate training, these problems can be reduced or even avoided.

By investing in your training, you spend a little to save big. According to the ATD (Association for Talent Development), training greatly impacts profitability and efficiency.

How Effective Training Benefits Your Company
(Source: ATD.)







24-7, Mobile-Friendly Access

Our 24-7, mobile-friendly access lets you learn at your own pace.

It also makes review easier.

Gone are the days when you finished a workshop with stacks of hard-to-read notes. With our online courses, simply open our course and search for any topic you want to review. See below.

Easy Progress Monitoring

Your heat treatment managers and supervisors can easily monitor the trainees’ progress via our Group Leader Control Center. See this video tour:

Interested? Contact us to learn more.

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Training Made Easy

  • 24-7, mobile-friendly access.
  • Easily review with keyword search.
  • Learn at your pace. Pause and resume.
  • Keep track of your achievements, certificates, and progresses from your profile page.
  • Great customer support to help you get started.

For Trainees:
We make learning easy with friendly designs, visuals, and clear explanations.

For Companies:
Get 24-7 updates on your trainees’ progress and assessments from our manager’s portal:

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Our online courses are as follows.

Heat Treatment: Technician-I


Heat Treatment: Technician-II


Heat Treatment: Induction Heating


Heat Treatment: Supervisor


Heat Treatment: Project Manager


Note: All online courses come with 24-7, mobile-friendly access and a Certificate of Completion at completion.

For Organizations

USUALLY, organizations need:
A mix of different courses.

SOMETIMES, organizations have additional needs, such as:
In-Person Training
Post-Training Follow-up
Code Compliance Help
Various Forms of Support

For Example:
A company may ask for a blend of in-person and online training as follows.

If you are an organization, contact us for a custom quote that caters to your needs.

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See If ERI Is for You

“How do I know if ERI is for me?”

Easy. Simply contact us for a brief chat. Learn about our capabilities and offers, and see if we meet your needs.

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Are You a Freelancer?

We can help!

We understand freelancing can sometimes be challenging.

Therefore, we want to offer freelancers with financial support. This is our way of giving back to our beloved heat treatment community.

Contact us today for a brief chat to see what financial aid we can offer.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, contact us with this form:

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