Glossary (and Abbreviations)

Glossary and Abbreviations


  • API (organization): American Petroleum Institute
  • ASME (organization): American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • AWS (organization): American Welding Society
  • FCP: Flexible Ceramic Pad. This is the heater used in electrical resistance HT.
  • GCB: Gradient Control Band. This is the widest band and covers all area under insulation.
  • HAZ: Heat Affected Zone. It refers to the parts of the base metal that is around a weld and has been affected by the heat from welding activities.
  • HB: Heated Band. This band receives most of its heat from the SB, and its size is in-between that of GCB and SB.
  • HT: Heat treatment. This is the engineering process used to prepare materials for welding, transformation, etc.
  • Hydrogen Bakeout: This HT process is used to remove harmful substances from the workpiece, such as hydrogen, moisture, etc. In other words, it removes more than just hydrogen.


  • LNG: Liquid natural gas. Examples are: methane, ethane, etc. This industry uses a lot of HT, welding, etc.
  • Lower Critical Temperature: This refers to the temperature HT must avoid reaching or exceeding because it may change a material’s attributes and molecular structure. Different materials can have different lower critical temperatures.
  • NBIC (organization): National Boiler Inspection Code
  • OD: Outer Diameter. This term is usually used to describe a pipe’s size, and it refers to a pipe’s diameter that includes the thickness of the pipe wall.
  • Post-Heating: This HT process may not be present in all HT projects and is often used to transition the HT process in-between shifts.
  • PPE: Personal protective equipment. Example are gloves, face-shield, etc.
  • Pre-Heat: This HT process begins before the welding starts and continues through the welding process.
  • PWHT: Post-Weld Heat Treatment. This HT process takes place after the welding is done.


  • SB: Soak Band. This band is the narrowest, hottest band situated at the heart of the GCB and SB.
  • T/C: Thermocouple. This is the temperature monitor and control device attached to the workpiece.
  • Welding Tacks: It refers to the small welds (also called spot welds) that hold things in place before the welding begins.
  • WRC (organization): Welding Research Council

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