Group Leader Control Center


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What is the Group Leader Control Center? What does it do?

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  • STEP 1:
    Select a “Group” (Usually, it’s the name of your organization).
  • STEP 2:
    Select a “Course” (The name of the course).
  • STEP 3:
    Use the Search Box function to filter the results by keywords, such as name, activity, or date.
    Example 1: Type in a person’s name to see all the related assessment scores.
    Example 2: Type in 2021 for all the assessments completed in that year.

Group Leader Control Center

💡 TIP 1: Use the Search Box to filter the data by keywords, such as name, activity, or date.

💡 TIP 2: Download the data by clicking the .CSV or .PDF buttons on the right ↘️.

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