Alliance Partners

ERI is proud to recognize our strategic partners:


Aggreko is the world leading solution provider of modular, mobile power and temperature control equipment across all sectors, including petrochemical and refining, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, construction and events.

Renowned for its quality, operational, engineering, and logistical excellence, Aggreko uses its trademark design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure equipment and personnel meet the requirements of every job.

Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, Aggreko is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Aggreko kindly allowed for use of their branded graphics in our training and assessments. We are thankful to be associated with such a prestigious company. For more information, please visit their local website at

Lewis Reliability Resources

As energy owners, contractors, and OEMs face dramatic losses in experience, technical expertise, and labor assets, Lewis Reliability Resources (LRR) excels in providing FREE value-driven business development solutions in risk-based condition assessment, material analytics, life management, and welding-related field services.  LRR is an uniquely structured specialty service integration, innovation, and education company representing portfolio of world-renown subject matter expertise and service providers in engineering, inspection, material science, welding, machining, and heat treatment to complement and support owners, contractors, and fabricators around the world. 

Thermo International

Thermo International designs, builds, sets up, and applies induction heating machine and related equipment.
Message from Thermo International’s Jeff Weinacker:
Induction heating equipment and the accessories is what I do. Induction has many wonderful applications, and I am willing to explore any of them. However, I have concerns that induction is currently being pushed into areas of heat treatment where it either does not belong or where technicians who do not understand the differences and dangers of poor coil design could cause issues within the parts they “Heat Treated” with induction, and this may eventually give induction a bad name. This is why I have partnered with ERI to provide these training classes.


BECKINSON has brought together over 100 years of experience executing FCCU, Delayed Coker Revamps, Major Expansions, and Turnarounds to consult with clients throughout the lifecycle of the project. With BECKINSON involved, a project’s success is simply predictable.